Sold a Single Family home in Reseda

My wife and I were introduced to Marc in 2015 when looking for a house to purchase in the San Fernando Valley or surrounding area. We were leaving my family home (and guest house in the care of tenants in the main house and my 70+ year old mother in the guest house) to strike out on our own to start a family.

My first impression of him tells the story as to why we have kept him as our family realtor through today. He is prompt, courteous, likable, very knowledgeable in his field with extensive knowledge bridging in to the financial and judicial layers of realty. He almost always had a full and satisfactory answer that he could translate into Layman’s terms if need be and if he needed to fact check or corroborate – he did so quickly and with certainty.

Marc quickly picked up on our style and taste and was able to match that to our budget and our time was not wasted when viewing properties. Our search eventually turned to renting and Marc found us a house to call home rather quickly. We stayed in touch as the time called once again for the expertise of Marc Tahler.

We decided to sell the home I grew up and was raised in and family owned since 1970. We had a lot of history with this house and we needed the right buyer to make leaving it sting a little less. From the booklet that was made in full color on heavy paper stock, to the personalized write up on Zillow with knowledge gained by sitting with my mother and listening to the history of the house she bought with my father when she was 28 – the process on Marc’s end was seamless. We had one hiccup which Marc skillfully helped us navigate and we closed on time (to the day) we were promised. Not to mention that Marc did all this with me residing on the east coast with my renters living in the main house in Reseda and my mother living in the guest house; with the prospective buyers living in Los Angeles and Texas. This couldn’t have been more complicated of a sale and Marc was there every step of the way. If I could sell more houses just to give Marc the business, I would. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marc truly was the best thing that could have happened to us when it came to finding a realtor. I recommend him with the highest regard.